Period 5 Algebra I

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Homework due for:
Monday, November 20:  Practice 3-3 and 3-4  Odds
Thursday, November 14:  Workshet  3-2  All
Tuesday, November 13:  Multi-step inequality worksheet  2-24 Evens
Thursday, November 9:  Finish Page 168  8-38 Evens and Ch 2 Extra Practice Odds ONLY
Tuesday, November 7:  Favorite Ice Cream worksheet
Monday, November 3:  3-1 Reteaching 5-14     3-1 Practice  Multiples of 3.  Summative on Word Problems--percent, perimeter, number and consecutive integers.
Monday, October 30:  Be ready for the summative and complete the review problems and worksheet you were given in class on Friday if you didn't finish them in class.
Thursday, October 26:  Complete the worksheet on equations from class and the puzzle worksheet on a separate sheet of paper.
Tuesday, October 24:  Complete the percent word problem worksheet
Monday, October 23:  2-7 Worksheet Evens 2-26 Evens and finish Perimeter worksheet
Thursday, October 19:  Handout Problems 1-12 All
Tuesday, October 17: Page 141  10-20 evens, 24-28 evens  Use the blue sheet!
Monday, October 16:  Formula Worksheet and finish the word problems if you didn't get them done in class on Thursday.
Thursday, October 12:  Consecutive Integer Worksheet
Thursday, October 5:  Page 69/70 #6-11, #47-51 (you don't need explain), Page 73  #14-17,  Page 153  #7-13, 17-23 Odds  SUMMATIVE
Tuesday, October 3:  If you did not finish the evens from the front of the 9/28 assignment during class, it needs to be finished.  Also the Kuta Worksheet (all problems) need to be done.
Thursday, September 28:  2-4 Worksheet  1-21 Odds Only
Tuesday, September 26:  Reteach # 15, 16, 18, 19 and Book Page 98  # 39, 41, 46, 50
Monday, September 25:  2-3 Worksheet 3-36 Multiples of 3, and if you didn't finish the other worksheet in class, that, too!
Thursday, September 21:  Complete the computations on the word problems you did in groups on Tuesday.  Remember to write complete sentences!
Tuesday, September 19:  Corrections on the problems you did incorrectly and were given back in class on Monday AND the Kuta Worksheet Evens only
Monday, September 18:  Handout on solving equations you were given in class on Thursday
Thursday, September 14:  Read & Note 2-2  and Do Page 91  12-36 multiples of 3.
Tuesday, September 12:  Back side of the 2-1 worksheet and the translating sheet from class
Monday, September 11:  2-1 Worksheet--front side only
Thursday, September 7:  Fractions packet--problems we didn't do in class
Tuesday, September 5:  Evens from the sheet we worked on in class on Thursday
Thursday, August 31:  Eight review problems

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