Period 4 Algebra I

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Homework due for:

Thursday, June 14:  FINALLY THE FINAL!
Monday, June 11:  Come to class with questions on any topic that will be on your final!
Wednesday, June 6:  More factoring practice--whatever you need to do!
Monday, June 4:  Whatever you need to do from the worksheet with 90 problems to be proficient with factoring with a leading coefficient.
Friday, June 1:  Worksheets on factoring with a leading coefficient--multiples of 3
Wednesday, May 30:  Enjoy the weekend and please remember why you have the day off!
Friday, May 25:  Worksheet on factoring.  STAR testing today!
Wednesday, May 23:  Worksheets from class on factoring
Monday, May 21:  Evens on each of the three worksheets from class--and if you didn't complete the odds during class, those, too, are due.
Wednesday, May 16:  Complete the worksheet on multiplying trinomials and the puzzles
Monday, May 14:  Worksheet on multiplying binomials
Friday, May 11:  Finish EVENS if you did not get them done in class
Wednesday, May 9:  Two worksheets from class--odds
Monday, May 7:  8-2  Multiplying and Finding GCF
Friday, May 4:  8-1 Practice  Evens (odds were done in class)
Wednesday, May 2:  8-1 Reteach (Both sides)
Friday, April 20:  Complete the Properties of Exponents Worksheet  1-30 All
Wednesday, April 18:  Complete the worksheets you started in class on Friday if you didn't finish in class.
Friday, April 13:  Doughboy worksheet and "Assessment" worksheet--odds only on this
Wednesday, April 11:  No new homework due for this day!
Monday, April 9:  Worksheet on Word Problems and SUMMATIVE on Monday!
Friday, April 6:  Finish the Break Even Problems and Review All others for a Quiz on Friday!  Summative on Word Problems Monday!
Wednesday, April 4: Word problem worksheet--Plowed Field
Friday, March 30:  Worksheet on mixture problems
Wednesday, March 28:    Worksheet on number problems--SUMMATIVE ON SYSTEMS
Monday, March 26:  Worksheet on solving number problems using a system of equations
Friday, March 23:  Complete the worksheet from class--quiz on addition method
Wednesday, March 21:  Worksheet on solving systems using addition method with multiplication.
Friday, March 16:  Two worksheets from class...EVENS only
Wednesday, March 14:  Worksheet  "Can you order a ladder?"
Monday, March 12:  "Did you hear about the antelope..." Worksheet
Friday, March 9: Complete "Why does the president put vegetables in his blender?" Worksheet  Each problem is to be done on a separate sheet of paper with all steps shown
Wednesday, March 7:  Ogar's Cheese Report Worksheet
Wednesday, February 21:  Graphing Systems Worksheet  SUMMATIVE
Monday, February 19:  Graphing Systems Worksheet
Friday, February 16:   Page 357  1-10, 17, 18    Summative on Lines
Wednesday, February 14:  Pages 355-356  26-35 All
Monday, February 12:  Quiz Parallel, Perpendicular and Best-Fit Lines.  Homework is worksheet on equations of perpendicular lines.
**If Wednesday is a Blizzard Bag Day do the "Policeman" worksheet****
Wednesday, February 7:  Complete the back side of the Reteach Sheet and Do Page 341 7-15 All
Monday, February 5:  "Fruit Salad" worksheet from class
Friday, February 2:  Worksheet you were given in class
Wednesday, January 31:  5-6 Form G  3, 5,  17-21 Odd, and 24-28 All
Monday, January 29:  5-6 Form G  7-12
Friday, January 26:  5-5 Practice 21-25 All

End of Semester One
Blizzard Bag Assignment for January 17  ALL WORK ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER, PLEASE
Wednesday, January 17:  Complete the worksheet on inequalities you were given in class.  Come to class with specific questions on mid-term topics.
Friday, January 12:  Compound inequality worksheet.  SUMMATIVE on GRAPHING
Wednesday, January 10:  Graphing worksheet--y=mx+b plot the y-intercept and count.  Ax+By=C find the x and y intercepts, plot and draw your line.
Monday, January 8:  Work on your review sheet and come to class with questions.
Friday, January 5:  Worksheet on graphing using table of values.
Wednesday, December 20:  Complete the graphing papers you began in class on Monday.
Monday, December 18:  Take-home Summative Due
Friday, December 15:  5-3 Practice A  All on a separate sheet of paper
Wednesday, December 13:  Worksheet on graphing lines in slope-intercept form
Monday, December 11:  Worksheet 5-3  Middle Column Problems
Wednesday, December 6:  Page 312  9-30 Multiples of 3, 5-3 Practice 3-15 Mult of 3, 16-18 All, 21-27 Mult of 3
Monday, December 4:  Complete Form G  Skip #29 and 30
Friday, December 1: Complete the graphing paper  Read 5-1 and Do the Lesson Check Problems, 1-7 All
Wednesday, November 29:  Complete the worksheet that is review for your Summative
Monday, November 20:  Compound Inequalities worksheet 4-18 Evens
Friday, November 17:  Practice 3-3 and 3-4 Odds
Wednesday, November 15:  Practice 3-2 #8-22 Evens and 23
Monday, November 13:  Multi-step inequality worksheet  2-24 Evens
Wednesday, November 8:  Favorite Ice Cream worksheet
Monday, November 6:  Percent problems worksheet you were given in class.  Summative on Word Problems--percent, perimeter, number and consecutive integers.
Friday, November 3:  3-1 Reteaching 5-14, Practice G  Multiples of 3
Monday, October 30:  Be ready for the summative and complete the review problems and worksheet you were given in class on Friday if you didn't finish them in class.
Friday, October 27:  Complete the worksheet on equations from class and the puzzle worksheet on a separate sheet of paper.
Wednesday, October 25:  Complete the percent word problem worksheet
Monday, October 23:  Worksheet 2-7 2-26 Evens and finish Perimeter worksheet
Friday, October 20:  Handout 1-12 All
Wednesday, October 18:  Page 141  10-20 evens, 24-28 evens  Use the blue sheet!
Monday, October 16:  Number worksheet and formula worksheet
Friday, October 13:  Consecutive Integer Worksheet
Wednesday, October 4:  Page 69/70 #6-11, #47-51 (you don't need explain), Page 73  #14-17,  Page
153  #7-13, 17-23 Odds  SUMMATIVE
Monday, October 2:  If you did not finish the evens from the front of the 9/28 assignment during class, it needs to be finished.  Also the Kuta Worksheet (all problems) need to be done.
Friday, September 29:  2-4 Practice 1-21 Odds
Wednesday, September 27:  Reteach # 15, 16, 18, 19 and Book Page 98  # 39, 41, 46, 50
Monday, September 25:  2-3 Worksheet 3-36 Multiples of 3, and if you didn't finish the other worksheet in class, that, too!
Friday, September 22:  Complete the computations on the word problems you did in groups on Wednesday.  Remember to write complete sentences!
Wednesday, September 20:  Corrections on the problems you did incorrectly and were given back in class on Monday AND the Kuta Worksheet Odds only
Monday, September 18:  Handout on solving equations you were given in class on Friday
Friday, September 15:  Read & Note 2-2  and Do Page 91  12-36 multiples of 3.
Wednesday, September 13:  Back side of the 2-1 worksheet and the translating sheet from class
Monday, September 11:  2-1 Worksheet--front side only
Friday, September 8:  Fractions packet--problems we didn't do in class
Wednesday, September 6:  Evens from the sheet we worked on in class on Friday
Friday, September 1:  Eight review problems

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