Period 4 Algebra I

Don't have your book?

Homework due for:
Monday, September 25:  2-3 Worksheet 3-36 Multiples of 3, and if you didn't finish the other worksheet in class, that, too!

Friday, September 22:  Complete the computations on the word problems you did in groups on Wednesday.  Remember to write complete sentences!
Wednesday, September 20:  Corrections on the problems you did incorrectly and were given back in class on Monday AND the Kuta Worksheet Odds only
Monday, September 18:  Handout on solving equations you were given in class on Friday
Friday, September 15:  Read & Note 2-2  and Do Page 91  12-36 multiples of 3.
Wednesday, September 13:  Back side of the 2-1 worksheet and the translating sheet from class
Monday, September 11:  2-1 Worksheet--front side only
Friday, September 8:  Fractions packet--problems we didn't do in class
Wednesday, September 6:  Evens from the sheet we worked on in class on Friday
Friday, September 1:  Eight review problems

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